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“Just believe in yourself. Even a smidge makes all the difference.”
— The Monkey King, to MK

The Monkey King is a legendary monkey who once trapped the Demon Bull King inside a mountain.

Official Description

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Centuries ago, the wise king vanished on his magical cloud. Or maybe he just transformed himself into one of his 72 known forms? Either way, now he's back and ready to train a new generation of demon fighters.


Early Life

500 years ago in China, the Demon Bull King arose from the Netherworld to wreak havoc on the world with his terrible power, and laid waste to an unfortunate village. When it seemed that no one could stop him, the Monkey King appeared from nowhere and challenged him. Armed with his Golden Staff, the Monkey King engaged the Demon Bull King in intense combat, with the battle being nearly one-sided in the Monkey King's favor. At the climax of the fight, the Monkey King cut the top of a nearby mountain with his staff and used it to seal the Demon Bull King forever.

Afterwards, the Monkey King vanished without a trace, and wasn't seen for centuries.

At some point prior, the Monkey King fought against the Demon Bull King, his wife Princess Iron Fan, the brothers Gold Horn Demon and Silver Horn Demon, his evil counterpart Six Eared Macaque, and the Spider Queen.

Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

Five hundred years later, the Demon Bull King is freed from his prison thanks to the aid of his wife, Princess Iron Fan, his son, Red Son of the Demon Bull Family and the Bull Clones. The Demon Bull King's return attracts the attention of MK (who had acquired the Monkey King's staff), and his friends, and they set out to Flower Fruit Mountain to find the Monkey King for help.

After a run-in with Princess Iron Fan, and losing the staff to her in the fight, MK is separated from his friends, but ends up at Flower Fruit Mountain. The Monkey King then encounters MK, telling him that he is fully aware that his staff was taken. Taking a liking to MK, he tells that he is perfect to be his successor, noting how he is the only one who can wield his staff. He tells MK to believe in himself before MK sets out to confront the Demon Bull King and retrieve the Gold Staff.

After MK and his allies defeat the Demon Bull Family, the Monkey King is last seen on the head of the Monkey King Warrior Mech nodding in respect and acknowledge of his newfound successor as protector of the world.


As depicted in the legend in LEGO Monkie Kid, the Monkey King is a confident individual, especially in battle. He doesn't shy away from a challenge, regardless of the opponent's size or strength, as seen when he showed no fear in his fight against the Demon Bull King. When he encounters MK at Flower Fruit Mountain, he tells him that the Demon Bull King isn't an actual threat, as he stated that defeating the Demon Bull King would be considered a trial that MK can handle.


The Monkey King is an anthropomorphic monkey relatively the size of an average human teenager with brown fur covering his body and tail, and peach fur for his torso, and peach skin for his face, ears, hands, and feet. The fur on his head is slicked back, tied in red ribbons. He has pastel maroon shading across his yellow eyes, and thick black eyebrows.

His clothing consists of golden armor for his chest and shoulders, and yellow shirt behind a red, blue, and yellow gi with black and gold decorates for his sash and boots, and two red scarves at the back.


  • Immortality - Due to gaining immortality in five ways during his journey to the west, the Monkey King is ageless and yields eternal youth, allowing him to live out 500 years after defeating the Demon Bull King.
  • Immense Physical Attributes - As shown during his fight against the Demon Bull King, the Monkey King possesses incredible physical abilities. He yields immense speed, strength, agility, and reflexes to take on the toughest of enemies.
  • Immense Combat Skills - The Monkey King is one of, if not the greatest fighter of series. His centuries of facing off against powerful deities have made him a master martial artist, allowing him to battle and defeat powerful enemies including those of the Demon Bull Family.
    • Staff Proficiency - The Monkey King's skill with his Golden Staff is unparalleled. In addition to his skills with his staff, the Monkey King can change its size to his whim.
  • Chi Manipulation - Although not directly stated, the Monkey King can manipulate yellow Chi energy to increase the force of his attacks. This is first demonstrated in his battle against the Demon Bull King when surrounds his fists with the energy to pulverize the stone debris and smash the Demon Bull King into the ground.
  • Cloud Generation - The Monkey King can generate his signature somersault cloud to use as transportation.
  • Flight - Even without the of his cloud, the Monkey King can still fly on his own accord.
  • Shapeshifting - The Monkey King can shapeshift into one of his 72 forms. However, he can't change his tail.
    • Known Forms:
      • a bird
      • a butterfly
      • an eagle
      • a bug
      • a stone
      • a tiger
  • Replication - As seen in "Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born", the Monkey King has the ability to replicate himself via the stands of his fur.



LEGO Monkie Kid

Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

Names in other languages

  • Chinese: Sun Wukong


  • The Monkey King's voice actor, Sean Schemmel, is famous for voicing the protagonist, Son Goku, of Akira Toriyama's hit Japanese media franchise, Dragon Ball. Goku himself, much like the Money King in LEGO Monkie Kid, is based on the actual Sun Wukong character of the classic Chinese novel, Journey to the West. Goku shares many similarities with the Monkey, including immense strength, a magical yellow cloud as transportation, and a magical, length-changing staff as a weapon.



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