“Flower Fruit Mountain, it's the only place he could be. Right, Mr. Tang.”
“Indeed. However, Flower Fruit Mountain is hidden away, deep in dangerous and unknown territory.”
MK and Tang

Flower Fruit Mountain is a mountain that is surrounded by the Flaming Mountains. It is where the Monkey King lives.


Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

After losing The Golden Staff to Princess Iron Fan, MK found out that he's in Flower Fruit Mountain and discovers an ancient temple that had the Monkey King's origins. However, when he thought Monkey King wasn't there, MK thought he was being delusional until he met the Monkey King in person. Monkey King explained that he was watching MK all this time and wanted him to be his successor, as he knew that MK would be worthy to wield the Golden Staff. As the Monkey King told MK to believe in himself and take back the Golden Staff, the latter agreed and returned to the City by using the Cloud Jet.



Monkie Kid

Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born



In LEGO Monkie Kid

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