The Bull Clones are an army of mechanical bull robots that were created by Red Son. They work for the Demon Bull Family.

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What the Bull Clones lack in intelligence, they make up for in numbers (and obedience). This army of mechanical bull robots, led by General Ironclad, was built by Red Son in the image of the Demon Bull King.


Monkie Kid: A Hero Is Born

The Bull Clones (except General Ironclad) wait for Princess Iron Fan and Red Son to free the Demon Bull King until they watch Bob attempting to pull the Golden Staff off the mountain but failed. After Red Son was able pull the Golden Staff off, the Bull Clones cheered while Bob looks down in dismay. However, when MK inadvertently used the staff, the Bull Clones attempt to take it from him but were overwhelmed when MK used the staff again.

At the Flaming Foundry, the Bull Clones made more of themselves or talked to each other.

After seeing MK's Team heading to Flower Fruit Mountain, General Ironclad reported to Red Son about what he saw. However, when he did, Red Son became furious until Princess Iron Fan arrived.

Later, the Bull Clones attempt to stop MK's Team from entering the City but failed to do so.



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